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Years of Experience Changing Thousands of Lives

My Story


Donna Berry has over 20 years of experience changing the lives of thousands of children and families. She believes that safe relationships are the key to a life of happiness and healing. Her personal site is a platform for sharing her expertise and helping others achieve their best selves.

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Reconnect Retreats

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The Couch Club

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Donna Berry, the visionary behind Interplay International, is the driving force behind the inception of the Couch Club. Within this innovative initiative, she leads the charge in elevating the subconscious to the forefront of our awareness, fostering profound self-discovery, rekindling our connections with ourselves and others, all while harmonizing and aligning. This remarkable process serves as the blueprint for cultivating unshakeable emotional bonds. Interplay stands as a universal dialect, honed for the purpose of healing through human connections. 


Donna guides the way in harnessing and embracing the power of human connections to expertly craft an environment of security, nurture profound understanding, and actively champion the integration and healing that stems from secure relationships, all woven together through the power of storytelling. This storytelling element not only magnifies personal brands but also creates a profound and lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.

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