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My Businesses

My businesses are all designed to help individuals and improve relationships, using evidence-based techniques rooted in attachment theory. Each business is unique and tailored to specific needs. From training and support services to beautifully curated hampers for newborns, we offer a range of resources to help our clients achieve success in their relationships.


Interplay Nest

Interplay Nest provides your business with everything it requires to counsel parents and children dealing with trauma successfully, including the Interplay Nest 10-part video program.

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Tiny Town and Toy Store

Tiny Town Group PTY LTD is a miniature town built especially for kids! It’s attachment-focused and encourages pretend play, creativity, exploration,
and learning about the world around them in a safe and social environment!

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Bubba is a beautifully designed skin to skin wrap that has been created for families to support bonding and attachment.

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Interplay is a universal language, focused on healing through relationships. Interplay facilitators create safety, develop understanding and support integration/healing through therapeutic connection.

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Interplay Circle

Interplay Circle is a closed Facebook group with access to parenting resources and other therapeutic benefits.

To join contact interplay reception.

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Inside Stories

Inside Stories creates beautifully curated gift boxes for new mums and babies. Each box is carefully designed around the needs of new mothers and babies with bespoke products.

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Studio Connect

Studio Connect is the recording studio where Interplay record content. The studio is available for hire for other professionals looking to create high quality video with state-of-the-art equipment.

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